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Tired of slogging through endless stories of Buffy in love with Spike, or Angel happily kissing Cordelia’s feet? Here you will find only Buffy and Angel stories to read! And a few Angel or Angelus stories set before Buffy the Vampire Slayer, because backstory on Angel is a good thing.


Unlike the many archives, stories are posted immediately to the B/A index. They will be listed in the order they were submitted, so no need to search through a listing of authors or titles to find which stories are new. The list of stories will stay up until it reaches the magic number of 150 and by then I'll have figured out an archive system!


A story listing will take you to the author’s site, so please bookmark the index so you can come back later and see if anything new has been posted.


Read the newest entries here.


Have a story to submit? Is your story AU? Read this first! Here’s the form and thanks!


Questions? Read the FAQ list.






v     Why do we need a Buffy/Angel index?

There are thousands of stories written about the characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, with an almost uncountable number of variations on the relationships. Finding stories that are specifically B/A requires digging through stories with other pairings such has A/C and hitting the back button.


v     Why should I post my B/A story here if I have a home page/group/archive that I post to regularly?

By all means post there, too! Remember that not everyone is in every group or has found your home page or a particular archive. This index will hopefully get your story to new readers.


v     Why a listing and not an archive?

This is a much simpler system that allows an author to post a link and info about their newest story immediately. Readers can also tell in one glance if there are new stories without searching through titles or authors.  Also, it saves time and space by taking the readers directly to your site where they can then read more of your stories.


v     What types of stories can I post here?

This index is for B/A fans so… B/A stories! Any story that includes their relationship in someway, anything from friendship to smut.  If your story is a kick demon butt story with only a few smoochies please post it. And if it’s a completely without a plot roll in Angel’s satin sheets, post that too… and let me give you my email. Angel or Angelus stories set before BtVS are welcome as well.


v     What types of stories can I NOT post here?

Stories that have Buffy or Angel madly in love with someone else. That means no B/S, B/R, A/C, A/F, “slash”, or any other relationship that makes B/A fans say “Ewwww!”  If a story starts with another relationship but has the B/A ending we all want, then go ahead and post it. Otherwise, please exit crypt right…


v     Can I post AU stories where Angel isn't a vampire and Buffy isn't the Slayer?

No. This index is for Buffy and Angel as they are in the BtVS universe. That is, a universe populated with vampires, slayers, and demons. Alternate Reality stories such as "what if Angel hadn't left Sunnydale in Graduation Day?" or "what if Angel was the Slayer and Buffy was a vamp?" are welcome and encouraged, however!


v     What if my story is Angelus and Darla before he got his soul back or Angel with another woman before he met Buffy?

Those are acceptable, we know Angelus was a bad boy and Angel may not have lived the life of a monk, either.


v     What if there’s a bit of “slash” in my Angelus story?

Again, recognizing that vampires are very sexual creatures, that’s acceptable in small doses.


v     Do I need to put warnings on my posting?

You do have to pick the appropriate rating from the drop box. Also if the story includes rape or BDSM, note that in the summary box for those who would want to steer clear or are underage. You’re responsible for any snippy emails you might get if you didn’t warn the readers.


v     Can I post UFS (Unfinished Fic)?

Yes, but please warn the readers.  Again, you might see some snippy emails if you don’t. To me, unfinished fic is like plunging off a cliff with no pillows piled at the bottom. But some readers do like the suspense of waiting to find out what happens in the next chapter. Same B/A time… same B/A channel…


v     Do I have to put a link to my story?

If you wish to control who reads the story, ie: if you’re wanting to keep NC17 out of underage hands, then leave the URL listing blank and readers will have to email you for a link.


v     How do I get my story accepted?

Just fill out the form.  Any B/A story is welcome here. We don’t judge your writing or your plot. As long as your story is B/A then you’re welcome to add it.


v     Can the index host my stories if I don’t have a website?

Due to time and space considerations, hosting your story isn’t possible. However, there are places such as that let homeless authors post stories or you can sign up with one of the free website providers such as Once you have your story up, come back and post a link.


v     Who is responsible?

The writers are responsible for choosing the appropriate rating for their stories and warning readers of such things as rape, excessive violence, BDSM, etc. The readers are responsible for heeding those warnings and not complaining if they ignored them and were then offended. Anyone under 18 is responsible for reading the ratings and warnings and not reading adult material.

Please email only if the answer isn't in the FAQs.

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